When you walk into any given health club in America you’ll notice that patrons are typically half men and half women. Yet, check out the supplement store and you’ll see that products are made for and marketed almost entirely to male consumers. We at American Gym Warrior don’t think that’s right. So we developed Wolverine Pre-Workout.


Wolverine has been carefully formulated to be a premium, high-performance pre-workout supplement for consumption by either gender. Whether that be before a game, a bike race, hiking, tennis, or weightlifting, Wolverine was designed with the overall physical and mental performance in mind for both men and women. We made Wolverine user-friendly so that it could be used by anybody with separate dosing options depending on individual tolerance and body size. 


Women need not be concerned with how strong Wolverine is. Yes, you will get the boost you want but without the jitters and crazy heart palpitations that most pre-workout supplements offer. Wolverine is an all-natural, caffeine-free product that delivers a great yet smooth energy increase for your workout or physical activity. We add properly dosed high energy ingredients like L-Tyrosine and Panax ginseng, and fatigue reducers such as Rhodiola and Beta-Alanine instead of heavy stimulants. 


We recommend both men and women start with 1 scoop (½ full serving) for their first use and see if they received the desired results from the product. We have found that most women need no more than 1 scoop, while many men will prefer 2 scoops depending on the workout intensity.