Pre-workout supplements are extremely popular among athletes, gym-goers, and even those who just want a little boost to make any exercise more productive. But what is a pre-workout and how does it work?


The logic behind pre-workouts is based on energy and efficiency. When you go to the gym to workout or play sports your body needs energy and nutrients to perform. But you shouldn’t eat prior to exercise because the body will be using energy to digest food and there’s a possibility of an upset stomach. So where do you get the energy and nutrients? That’s where the pre-workout supplement comes into play. 


Ideally, a pre-workout is packed with the right doses of certain important nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and amino acids coupled with some caloric fuel. However, as is the practice in other industries, many companies cut corners to make more money at the expense of uninformed consumers. Most pre-workout products don’t include the appropriate ingredients let alone the necessary doses for those ingredients. 


For example, Citrulline is an amino acid utilized for increasing nitric oxide, which acts as a vasodilator, increasing the diameter of blood vessels enabling greater blood flow to the working muscle. Many products will include it in their formulas but usually, only have a third of the proper dose that was clinically tested (6,000 mg). To mask the lack of ingredients companies will add massive amounts of caffeine, in the neighborhood of 300-450 mg. This tricks the consumer into thinking the pre-workout is working. But in reality, their heart is unnecessarily racing too fast before they even hit the weights. To make matters worse, these inferior products use artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Longterm consumption can lead to high levels of cortisol and high blood pressure.


Wolverine Pre-Workout was developed as a powerful healthy option with all the right ingredients at their properly tested doses and without caffeine or any other stimulants. Wolverine was also designed as the best tasting all-natural pre-workout available. One of the main complaints about a lot of natural products is the lack of good taste. For health-conscience consumers who prefer to have an all-natural product to avoid potentially harmful artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, acesulfame potassium, artificial flavorings, or artificial colors, there’s never been a better option until now.


Increased mental focus is a very desirable benefit in a pre-workout. That’s exactly what you will find in Wolverine with the addition of L-Tyrosine for neurotransmitter dopamine to help increase motivation, and Huperzine A to help maintain higher levels of choline in the brain that help with focus. Ginkgo Biloba is also used to increase blood circulation to the brain. Iodine is added for neurotransmitters especially thyroid hormones which help balance dopamine, GABA, serotonin, and acetylcholine in the brain. High amounts of Vitamin B6 are included (in the best form called P-5-P), which is essential for the body to make the same neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and more. 


Most pre-workouts dump loads of caffeine and other stimulants in their formulation, which isn’t needed or healthy. Wolverine is completely caffeine-free and stimulant-free yet still supports higher energy levels. Wolverine was formulated with effective doses of adaptogenic herbs, and energy supporting amino acids so that you wouldn’t need to be dependent on caffeine to get a good workout. Royal jelly with its high vitamin content and Rhodiola Rosea help to decrease fatigue. Panax Ginseng, a direct alternative to caffeine, and Adenosylcobalamin (B12) work together for increased energy.


To get a solid prolonged workout, your body needs boosted endurance. Beta-alanine actually helps influence the exercise capacity of your muscles so they can work harder and longer by increasing carnosine in the muscle. This means it takes longer to “feel the burn” while you do more reps before hitting your breaking point. We also added Niacin for its ability to increase endurance and is a precursor to NAD, which helps your body process carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Magnesium Malate is used to help with proper mineral balance, to extend endurance, and to help prevent cramping. 

Finally, Wolverine enhances your workout with increased strength and muscle pump. It accomplishes this with amino acids and select herbal extracts. Citrulline Malate increases nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels and causes the vessels to widen. This leads to increased blood flow and lower blood pressure. Gotu Kola works for boosting the health of your veins and increase circulation. Buffered Vitamin C helps the body produce nitric oxide, and also restores vein and artery integrity. L-Taurine aids in muscle pump by enhancing electrolyte balance for better hydration in your muscles. For strength, Creatine HCL is utilized in Wolverine in its best available form to help increase strength and increase the total amount of energy each muscle cell can have on tap. Creatine HCL requires less amount of dosing, absorbs better in the body, and doesn’t retain water like a monohydrate version. In addition to creatine HCL, we added Betaine anhydrous is added, which works to improve stress response to exercise and increase muscle oxygenation.

We believe Wolverine is the best pre-workout on the market. It combines a powerful formula with scientifically-tested dosages; clean, all-natural ingredients with an herbal blend; zero caffeine or other stimulants, and has a great-tasting flavor. Wolverine will definitely boost your Energy, Focus, Strength, Pump, and Endurance for whatever activity you’re doing, whether it be in the gym or on the trail. Formulated for men and women, you can even take it to boost your energy levels during the middle of the day instead of consuming unhealthy energy drinks. We enjoy it and we hope you do as well. We invite you to try Wolverine at