Beta-Alanine is known for its tingling sensation on the skin. This effect is harmless, and although it might be uncomfortable for some, the sensation is a physical sign the product is working. The sensation will diminish and in some cases go away with prolonged use of Beta-Alanine. The feeling will subside within an hour or two of taking the dose.

Niacin causes the capillaries (fine branching blood vessels) to expand which causes increased blood flow throughout the body. This can cause a temporary itching or burning sensation coupled with redness on the skin, commonly known as a flush. These are indicators the product is working and the flush will subside within an hour.

Royal Jelly is a natural substance produced by honey bees. It contains a variety of important nutrients that are beneficial to physical performance. Although it occurs in a small percentage of the population, some people are allergic to Royal Jelly. We recommend not consuming this product if you are allergic to bee products.

With an increasing demand for the healthiest products available we are committed to using only natural ingredients and producing a clean formula. In Wolverine, we utilize stevia and honey powder (natural sweeteners) to achieve the great taste found in each serving.

Studies have shown that caffeine increases cortisol and adrenaline levels at rest. These increased levels of cortisol after caffeine consumption are similar to those experienced during acute stress. Consuming caffeine, especially high doses, re-creates stress conditions for the body. We believe there are not enough caffeine-free pre-workout options, let alone any high-performing ones, so we specially formulate Wolverine as a product that doesn’t need the stimulants found in other popular formulas and still provides the performance benefits. This may take some time to adjust if someone is routinely consuming heavy doses of caffeine. However, we believe this is a healthier option.

You are more likely to be able to sleep while consuming Wolverine as we have excluded caffeine and other stimulants. As with any product, not everyone has the same response. We would recommend starting with 1 scoop for evening workouts to evaluate your tolerance. Getting adequate sleep is highly important for exercise recovery and improvement.

This product was developed for both men and women. Individual tolerance may vary. We recommend consuming 1 scoop (½ full serving) to begin.

This product has been formulated for maximum effectiveness in one full serving (2 scoops). We do not recommend going over one full serving in a day and you may not get an additional benefit.